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Señor Lobo & Friends has a new corporate identity and is launching a new website to show its founding values ​​as experts in caring for the corporate reputation of its clients

Crisis communication consulting firm Señor Lobo & Friends is presenting its new corporate identity. The company has also undergone a process of rebranding, with a new typeface and colour scheme. The aim was to create an image that better reflects the brand’s founding mission: to protect clients’ reputations through communication strategies based on values and corporate purpose.


Señor Lobo & Friends boosts its identity as a boutique firm that nurtures its clients’ corporate reputations

The main aim of this process was to strengthen the company’s positioning as a communication consulting firm providing support in all aspects of crises, from prevention to management. This support is underpinned by the extensive experience of founders Luis Serrano and María Luisa Moreo, as well as the expertise of the senior consulting team.  Señor Lobo & Friends is bolstering its position in the market using cutting-edge methods and solutions, as well as technological tools. This strategy allows the firm to tackle companies’ issues in an agile, effective manner, making it a trusted partner to many.


The wolf, a stand-out logo for Señor Lobo & Friends. A symbolic figure to take care of the corporate reputations of clients

Echoing the company’s name, the new corporate logo features an image of a wolf (lobo in Spanish). “Wolves evoke the idea of nurturing and protecting the pack, as well as of loyalty. Like Señor Lobo & Friends’ clients, wolves live in an environment that is often unpredictable.  There are risks that must be tackled by making the right decision quickly. In dangerous situations, wolves must take decisive, energetic action to protect their pack”, says Luis Serrano, the company’s CEO.

Wolves are also able to establish solid emotional attachments fairly quickly. They must often rely on their own instincts in order to survive in changing environments. These characteristics are crucial for Señor Lobo & Friends and their clients. Crises are intensely difficult, dangerous situations where important decisions must be made on the basis of knowledge and experience.

The image of the wolf used here features geometric forms and symmetry. This evokes technological skill, creativity and modernity, which are key qualities in crisis communication management.


New colour scheme

The rebranding project also led to changes in the typeface and colour scheme used by the company. The choice of a simple, sans serif font gives a sense of professionalism and makes the text accessible. It is also suggestive of modernity, digitalisation, personality and empathy. The new typeface for Señor Lobo & Friends is reminiscent of the famous Gotham font used in the electoral campaign that carried Obama to the White House. It’s a font that conveys honesty, reliability and assertiveness, which are key values for the professionals at Señor Lobo & Friends.

The main colours in the colour scheme are blues, followed by earthy hues like beige and orange. These colours connect with nature and create the right balance between modernity and stability. The result is a sense of calm and positive, peaceful associations.


A new website to reflect SLF’s new corporate image

Señor Lobo & Friends is also launching a new website, with a look and feel that reflect its new identity. The new website has a more user-friendly design. This makes it the perfect vehicle for setting out the company’s principles and professional services in a clear, simple manner.

“Our aim is to guide our clients and help them successfully overcome their problems, providing them with optimum levels of security and protection. We work side-by-side with clients to identify, assess, prevent and resolve any crises that may jeopardise their reputation and their business. We take an empathetic approach, putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes to offer them the most effective solutions based on our lengthy experience, making us a partner they can trust completelyThe new website exemplifies this and clearly sets out the values underpinning our work”, says María Luisa Moreo, CEO of Señor Lobo & Friends.

The firm defines itself as a boutique communication agency with a very niche focus. It continues to provide personalised support to each and every one of its clients in corporate reputations, crisis prevention and management. To do so, a team of senior consultants participates actively in every project. Their seniority enables the company to provide genuine assistance based on experience and tailored solutions.

The expert team offers both professionalism and proximity, lending flexibility, sensitivity and agility to their work. These human qualities are accompanied by the latest crisis management technologies, which allow quick, cost-effective solutions to be found. In short, Señor Lobo & Friends meets its clients’ needs by embracing three key values: trust, empathy and competence.

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