Señor Lobo & Friends joins CCNE to provide cross-border crisis solutions

Señor Lobo & Friends has joined CCNE (Crisis Communications Network Europe), an association of European public relations agencies specialising in risk prevention and crisis management that offer crisis solutions to clients in an environment where many companies face multi-country risks. The Spanish consulting firm will now be able to offer its clients the option of working in international settings with trusted partners. In turn, the European network gains a prestigious, highly specialised agency in Spain.


Señor Lobo & Friends joins CCNE

CCNE is a network of specialised firms with unrivalled experience in crisis prevention and communication.  It is an alliance of independent agencies, which is highly flexible and able to respond immediately to clients’ needs.

Member agencies offer services relating to crisis prevention, management, monitoring and resolution in different countries on a unilateral or multilateral basis. The countries present in the network are:  Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and France.

Clients benefit from a dynamic network whose members remain in regular contact.  They meet at least twice a year to discuss their experiences of crisis management and share good practices.

“Our collaborative work, as well as the individual expertise of each agency, helps us to better meet the needs of our clients. This is very important when a crisis spans several countries”, says María Luisa Moreo, CEO of Señor Lobo & Friends.

At times such as these, the presence of a crisis expert with accredited experience and knowledge of the country in question is indispensable.
This knowledge will include cultural and contextual specifics, as well as language skills and contacts.


Prevention is the key to resilience

The network of agencies also offers its clients workshops, seminars and cross-border simulations to boost their resilience to crises.

According to the company’s CEO Luis Serrano, “This provides our clients with the training they need to respond to crises in their main country of operation and in any other countries they come into contact with”.

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